NYC-based think tank focused on digital product and service design.

Who we are

We're product strategists who believe in putting users first in all we do. Years of working for enterprise clients has taught us that, while everyone wants their products and services to succeed, many don't see the value of upfront research and user-centered design – then they wonder why their products fail (or get ignored) upon release.

We saw how much of this could be mitigated by clarifying the vision, goals and success metrics upfront, defining and prioritizing MVP feature sets according to user needs and expected ROI, and then involving the target user in iterative design and testing. We experimented with various methods to understand users and create a product strategy that reflected their needs, then applied these to early stage ventures.

Studio Crux represents the umbrella entity for original product and service ideas. 

We are currently advising startup founders on their product and UX strategies, working on our own rental experience and smart parenting mobile app, and partnering with early stage investors to run product viability workshops for VC-funded startups. Please get in touch if you think there could be an opportunity to work together.

Our background includes:

  • Advising startup founders on product/market fit, UX strategy, and MVP acceleration

  • Facilitating Google Venture design sprints and UX research, strategy, and design for Fortune 500 companies

  • HCI research & mobile app teaching and research at MIT and R&D labs

  • Product ownership, management, and digital strategy for startups and enterprise companies

  • Liaising with and reporting to non-profit and for-profit boards of directors/trustees

  • Evangelizing design thinking methodologies at companies in the media, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and professional services industries